Platinum Seal.


Prestige Park & Leisure Homes are proud to provide Platinum Seal Park Home Manufacturer’s 10 year Structural Warranty with their Residential Park Homes and Leisure Lodges.


All Prestige and Homeseeker park homes are built in accordance with the latest edition of BS.3632 and carry a 12month manufacturer's warranty against defective materials and workmanship.


Each home is further registered by Prestige and Homeseeker with the National Park Homes Council GOLD SHIELD structural warranty scheme. If the park is also registered under the Gold Shield scheme, and the home is registered by the park when it is commissioned, then the home will benefit from a 10 year structural warranty.


What is Platinum Seal.


Platinum Seal is the longest running and only truly ‘Insured’ Manufacturer’s Structural Warranty within the Park Home and Leisure Lodge industry. Platinum Seal cover provides a similar form of cover that is more associated to the conventional bricks and mortar home.


All homes covered by Platinum Seal are insured for a wide range of structural defects (not normally covered by a traditional home insurance policy) that could occur during the first 10 years from when the home was manufactured. This means manufacturing structural defects that could occur during this period will be taken care of with the minimum of fuss, providing you with total peace of mind in the quality and durability of your Prestige Park Home or Leisure Lodge.


Platinum Seal cover is only available from carefully selected Platinum Seal ‘Approved’ Manufacturers. In addition, should Prestige Park & Leisure Homes not be around to help in the future for any reason, the insurer of Platinum Seal will fulfil a manufacturer’s obligations of the manufacturing structural defects of your home or lodge, which would have been the responsibility of Prestige Park & Leisure Homes.


Who is Platinum Seal.


The Platinum Seal Scheme has been providing specialist ‘insured’ structural protection for New Park Homes and Leisure Lodges since 2005. With in the region of  £10million of Park and Leisure Homes registered with the scheme every year. The Platinum Seal scheme is underwritten by specialist Park Home Structural Warranty Insurer, Assist Insurance Company Ltd, and administered by Park Home Assist Insurance Services, one of the UK’s leading providers of Park Home Insurance Schemes.


Unlike other similar manufacturer warranty schemes, the Platinum Seal Scheme provides insured structural protection for both Residential and Leisure Homes (fleet hire and homes used for commercial use maybe accepted subject to additional terms and conditions) as well as fully insured liquidation cover, should your manufacturer go out of business.


How do i find out more about Platinum Seal.


You can find out more by going to the Platinum Seal website www.platinumseal.co.uk. Alternatively you can request a specimen policy by contacting the scheme administrator Park Home Assist Insurance Services on 0845 402 1031.


Frequently Asked Questions about Park Home Structural Warranties:


Don’t all manufacturer’s provide a similar warranty.


You would think so wouldn’t you, but no this is not the case. Some manufacturers provide their own guarantee with their homes, which can vary between 3 years to 20 years, but the problem with this is that company has to remain in business for the entire term for you to have this form of protection. If they go out of business then you lose your guarantee.


What about the industry’s ‘Gold Shield’ Warranty.


Not only is the industry’s Gold Shield Warranty an uninsured warranty, it is only available on selected parks and homes, so even if you purchase a Park Home or Leisure Lodge from a Gold Shield Manufacturer, you may not still receive a Gold Shield Warranty because the home is not going on the right park! With Platinum Seal, it doesn’t matter what park you are looking to have your home or lodge on, Platinum Seal Cover is still available. If you decide to purchase a Park Home or Lodge from a Gold Shield Manufacturer make sure you ask if you will receive their 10 year warranty with the park you have chosen before you order the home! If you purchase a home from a Gold Shield Manufacturer but the warranty is not available on the park your home is being sited on, then you will only receive your statutory guarantee of 12 months!


Why do I need insured Liquidation Cover.


No one wants to consider anyone going out of business, but if they do, you need to be sure that if there are manufacturing defects to your home, there is someone there to put them right. Platinum Seal cover provides cover should we go out of business in the first 2 years of you having your home which means an insurer will take on our responsibilities. The industry’s Gold Shield Scheme does not currently provide liquidation cover.


If I buy from a large manufacturer, do I still need liquidation cover.


Absolutely, companies going out of business are not limited to just small manufacturers, large companies go out of business too. Remember Rover, Woolworths, and so on. Even some of the UK’s largest Park Home and Static Caravan Manufacturers have gone out of business in the past. Just consider the consequences of your chosen manufacturer going out of business soon after you purchase your home.


Why is it important to have an insured scheme.


By opting for an ‘insured’ scheme not only means that that manufacturer has been ‘approved’ by a third party (the insurer) and is therefore endorsing the product you are looking to purchase, but also as a consumer, with insurance being regulated means you also have consumer protection if you are not happy with the decision of the insurer.